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GoGoVan: the courier service saving you time, money and hassle!


Highly affordable, convenient and reliable, GoGoVan is the go-to app when you require courier services

Picture this: Your office is at Tai Seng and your girlfriend is working at Marina Bay Sands. During your lunch hour, you stopped by a florist and picked out roses in full bloom to delight her. Sadly, that florist does not offer instant delivery.

GoGoVan Offers Courier Services within Minutes


At times like this, GoGoVan is a godsend. With just a few clicks, you can contact a registered motorcyclist courier near you. This friendly professional will fight traffic at any hour to deliver your roses on time.

If you haven’t heard of this handy mobile app, it’s time you download GoGoVan and experience the convenience of its courier services first-hand.

In this age when time is money, you save yourself much hassle by outsourcing delivery of items–from roses for your girlfriend to contracts or parcels for your clients.

Lighten Your Load by Only Choosing the Best

GoGoVan stands heads and shoulders above traditional courier services because it’s fast, user-friendly and efficient. If you have a parcel or document that urgently needs to be sent to a client, do your company a favour by choosing GoGoVan.

With an extensive fleet of 2,500 drivers island-wide, you can expect an instant response when you book a courier service via GoGoVan.


GoGoVan’s affordable courier rates start from just $8. That’s cheaper than parking fees, fuel cost and ERP charges if you make the trip yourself!

Courier Services That You Know You Can Trust

Besides being value-for-money, GoGoVan’s top-notch courier service gives you peace of mind. Each courier professional will deliver your item right to the doorstep of your intended recipient.

On top of that, GoGoVan offers you assurance for loss and damages to your items. With such unbeatable features, GoGoVan is clearly the go-to app for your courier needs.


How to Use GoGoVan in 3 Easy Steps:

You can easily download this FREE GoGoVan app from the App Store (iPhone users) or Google Play (Android users).

Step 1 — Select the service and key in the route (fee will be reflected)

Step 2 — Set the date and time

Step 3 — Enter your information and place the order instantly

Why Download the GoGoVan App now?

Download the GoGoVan app now and enjoy up to $20 discount for your first booking by using the promo code “GGV20”. The promotion ends 30 Nov.

Ongoing GoGoVan Promotions:

-$20 off in the month of November 2014

-10% discount until December 2014

*$20 off is only applicable for 1 time & it is not valid for 10% discount