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First integrated mobile property market for consumers

Singapore Real Estate Exchange (SRX), the property market information and property listing platform, has launched a new and handy app



The Singapore Real Estate Exchange (SRX) has launched the SRX Home Search App, the world’s first integrated mobile property marketplace for consumers.

The App is iOS and Android compatible and is available for free on Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store.

1. Unique & Useful Applications




The first phase, “Share”, consists of four applications found only in SRX Home Search: Location-based Search, Shortlist, Instant Messaging of property notes and photos, and X-value.

SRX Home Search is the only app that allows consumers to look for homes using a location-based search engine. It has real-time access to SRX’s extensive database; and one can share the experience with friends and family using social networking capabilities.

Shortlist allows consumers to select their preferred listings, take notes and upload photos during viewings. All this can be shared with family and friends who may not be present at the viewing. It also enables one to track conversations based on a particular listing rather than having to scroll through a long thread.

Consumers will also be able to use SRX’s pricing feature, X-Value, which has become the market’s standard for establishing the price or rent of a home.

2. Secure Comms & Digital Scheduling



The second phase of the SRX Home Search launch, “Agent”, this September, will introduce features to link a consumer with his or her real estate agent. The two parties will then be able to interact on a secure communication channel, and exchange sensitive information as well as digitally schedule home viewings and other events.

“This is the next step in the SRX consortium’s efforts to make the buying, selling, and renting process more efficient as well as satisfying for the consumer and agent,” said Eugene Lim, ERA Key Executive Officer.

3. Connecting With All Service Professionals



The third phase, Deal Team, to be launched in October, will allow consumers and agents to connect and interact with other professionals who serve real estate consumers, such as lawyers, mortgage bankers and insurers, so that the transaction can be executed efficiently.