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Compact, fun & powerful for daily use

Keeping your lenses clean guarantees sharper, more vibrant photos

Small, stylish and sleek – the Canon PowerShot N2 is every girl’s must-have accessory and gadget!

Keeping your lenses clean guarantees sharper, more vibrant photos
Keeping your lenses clean guarantees sharper, more vibrant photos

The Canon PowerShot N2 camera is one of the most versatile Digital Compact Cameras from Canon so far, with a selection of splendid functions despite its small frame.

From the extraordinary 360-degree shutter ring to the easy 180-degree tilt-screen, this camera is designed to impress in functionality.

We highlight some choice features – the ones that set this nifty gadget apart from its peers and make it the ideal camera for the ladies, for daily use.

Compact and Stylish

Major fashion labels have declared 2015 to be the year of the mini-handbag. With bags getting smaller and their designs getting more streamlined, it becomes more vital than ever to have your gadgets compact and streamlined as well.

Enter the Canon PowerShot N2 camera, which is palm-sized and light, assuring a snug fit into a mini-handbag or pouch. Because of its convenient shutter ring and touchscreen, the camera has no unnecessary protruding dials and knobs, making it an easy fit onto selfie sticks!

180-degree Tilt-Screen

In this day and age, the tilt-screen is a must-have function in any camera. Selfies have taken the world by storm and tilt-screens facilitate them, providing happy selfie-takers with a preview of their photos before they click the shutter.

The Canon PowerShot N2’s tilt-screen goes up an impressive 180 degrees and is fully touchscreen, making it easy for the user to switch between functions, such as from ISO to flash.

The screen also optimizes Canon PowerShot N2’s unique Creative Shot mode – with each shot, you get one original image plus five variations of the shot with different creative filters. You can then easily flip through the different variations of the photos and share the one you fancy the most onto your social media platforms, with easy Wi-Fi connectivity!

360-degree Shutter Ring

The most outstanding feature of the Canon PowerShot N2 has to be its 360-degree shutter ring. Breaking the tradition of using buttons and dials, Canon has invented this unique, easy-to-use shutter ring.

Want to take a photo? Simply nudge lightly against any part of the shutter ring that goes all around the base of the lens. Taking a photo with the Canon PowerShot N2 is a breeze!

Selfie-stream takers would welcome this function as the user can effortlessly adjust the angle of the camera and easily press any part of the 360-degree shutter ring – say goodbye to selfies with your forearm accidentally captured!
The Canon PowerShot N2 is this season’s must-have.

Photo Tip

DO make sure you keep the camera lens dry and clean. Clean it with the microfiber cloth provided or with lens cleaning tissues only!