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These SPUR Shoes Will Make You Believe In Stylish AND Comfortable Footwear

The Korean brand is the answer to our shoe woes

Searching for a new pair of shoes is often a struggle, because as we all know, shoes that look good are most of the time not good for wearing. And that's why we are so amazed by SPUR shoes, which we can say pretty much satisfies everything we want and need from a pair of shoes. The brand may not be that well-known in Singapore (it's truly underrated), but it has gained a solid following and popularity in South Korea, where it was established in 2009.

You might have seen some of your favourite Korean celebs - the members of Girls' Generation and Yoon Eun Hye, just to name a few - endorsing SPUR in commercials and even wearing a pair out at events. Those of you avid K-drama watchers might have spotted beautiful shoes worn by the characters without knowing they are from SPUR.

It's not all just publicity, too; SPUR has made its name in providing incredibly comfortable footwear that also look cute and chic. Each of their shoes is handcrafted by experts in Korea and boasts seven different layers to its sole, including an ankle support, an arch support and an inner layer cushion on the insole. The result is a pair of shoes that make you feel like you're walking on air.

Photo: SPUR Shoes

Apart from comfort, SPUR stands out with its classic, timelessly fashionable designs. However the trends might change, the brand stays steadfastly true to its signature style, look and feel, that of a free-spirited and youthful woman. They are great for all kinds of occasions, work and partying, especially because they are so wearable you could go day and night in them.

Are you intrigued and ready to experience the wonders of SPUR shoes? Get initiated with these following 10 pairs that we love:

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10. Von Span Sneakers, $159.00

Sock shoes are the latest ‘it’ thing, and you will look like the coolest person in the party in these sneakers! They are slightly elevated, too, featuring a 4cm heel.

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