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RE:ERTH x kāi x Nodspark Travel Kit: 5 Questions With The 3 Local Brand Collaborators

For women always on the go

Photos: RE:ERTH, kāi and Nodspark

As the pace of life gets even faster, we need to dedicate more time to taking care of our skin, so it does not suffer along the way. But trying to fit in facials can mess up our already tight daily schedules. With this problem in mind, three rising local brands got together to adapt your skincare routine to fit your busy lives instead. RE:ERTH, kāi and Nodspark have jointly created the ultimate beauty travel kit for modern women.

RE:ERTH, a minimalist skincare line whose products are powered by Japanese nature-derived ingredients, repackaged their popular and award-winning Starter Kit for the new travel kit. It consists of their Clarifying Cleanser, Calming Toner, Multi-Targeted Elixir and Hydrating Gel Moisturizer, all in smaller, convenient sizes. They will keep your skin glowing and healthy wherever you go.

This wonderful skincare set comes together with a packet of Nodspark’s Designer Nail Wraps. You know those women who are juggling so much in their work and family, yet still always manage to look so good while doing it? Well, they more likely than not use little tricks like nail wraps. When you don’t have the time and money for a professional manicure, do it yourself right in the car or plane with Nodspark’s nail wraps, and no one would even know the difference!

All you need to do is stick your favourite wrap around your nails with the help of the complimentary nail file and a cuticle pusher – and you don’t have to worry about smudges or that awful nail polish smell.

The RE:ERTH and Nodspark sets fit nicely in the travel pouch by kāi, a lifestyle brand launched by local influencer Christabel Chua, aka @bellywellyjelly. You can keep more of your daily essentials in this roomy pouch. Both the pouch and the Nodspark nail wrap feature a beautiful design of orange and peach goldfish swimming in water. It’s a visual reminder of mindful calmness whenever you use the products.

Designed for you to just grab and go, the travel kit makes packing for an overseas trip, a trip to the gym, or just a long day about town much smoother.

Are you totally in love with the travel kit yet? It’s available at a special pre-order price of $99 (U.P. $169) just for the month of July! So don’t hesitate to get yours now.

We also had the chance to chat with the founders of the three collaborating brands: Christabel Chua (founder of kāi), Eugenia Yeo (founder of Nodspark) and Toh Ziling (co-founder and COO of RE:ERTH). They share what brought about their collaboration, advice on self-care on the go, and more.

Can you share with us how this three-brand collaboration came about? What attracted you to be a part of it?

Christabel Chua (CC): RE:ERTH & Nodspark are emerging brands in Singapore that I personally believe in and use as well. Plus, I always believe that women should support each other, especially since our businesses are in similar growth stages.

Eugenia Yeo (EY): From what I can recall, we started out as being fans of each other’s brands first. Thereafter, we thought about how the three brands could come together to give a differentiated experience through our collaborative efforts. Everything fell into place with the travel theme as the central theme.

Toh Ziling (TZ): We wanted to delight our customers with an unlikely/atypical collaboration of items they would love to discover and use, especially for traveling! We met as local entrepreneurs and hit it off quite immediately, on both a personal level and professional level, so working together was something interesting and fun we had to put on our agendas!

How do you see your own brand being connected to the other two? What similar visions do you share with them?

EY: What I felt about kāi & RE:ERTH that resonated with Nodspark was the voice of an independent local brand, that focused on offering quality products for the time-starved women in today’s society. Our target markets align across the three brands – the discerning customer who knows that they get more mileage out of products that deliver. Take for example kāi’s bags – the make and sewing is beautiful and they take great pride in delivering that standard, so you know the bags will last a long time. Hopefully more people will invest in more quality products, and there will be less wastage from fast fashion.

TZ: Unrivalled quality, highly functional, and effortlessly stylish products for real women, to empower and uplift their spirits. To create pieces they would be proud to carry around, or gift a friend!

What are your best travel beauty tips?

CC: Stay hydrated! I like to have a warm cup of honey lemon in the morning. Sun protection is also super important, so I take RE:ERTH’s Phytobright supplement to help brighten & protect my skin from UV damage.

EY: A trusty lip balm, and eye lash extensions so less time is spent on getting ready in the mornings, and of course a pack of Nodspark as it doesn’t chip the way polish does after a few days!

TZ: I’d apply RE:ERTH’s Multi-Targeted Elixir serum and Hydrating Gel Moisturizer pre-flight, and wear a surgical mask inflight, for both germ protection and prevention of moisture loss!

Another tip is not to transfer skincare products into smaller travel-sized containers as the products could degrade faster when exposed to air and light, or get contaminated during the process of transferring. Simply take along your favourite skincare products in their original packaging! RE:ERTH is on-board friendly, with no spills and drips for fuss free travels!

We’re always on the go these days, be it traveling overseas or just to and fro the office. How do you make time to take care of your skin and treat yourself to a pampering session?

CC: I always make sure to take off my makeup and the end of the day, and I bring my travel-sized skincare on long flights. For quick pamper session on-the-go, Nodspark’s nail wraps always make it easy for me to feel put together and polished.

EY: I think when you use quality products right at home, that’s a pampering session in itself. I personally use almost the full suite of RE:ERTH’s products, and I feel like a home spa going on when I apply the Multi-targeted Elixir serum. It’s quality over quantity for me, and I’m glad they simplified the journey to having healthy skin.

TZ: Healthy skin is beautiful, and RE:ERTH’s products are designed to do just that with minimal steps in light, sensorial textures, to give healthy, mochi-skin! I create my self-care routine by playing music while applying skincare, and am usually done within a song or two!

What advice do you have for other Singapore women seeking to be an entrepreneur and start their own label?

CC: If you have a good idea, plan and work on it now – because if not now, then when?

EY: Stay hungry, keep focused, and remain humble. It’s not a comfortable journey to embark on, but it is rewarding when you see it come to fruition.

TZ: Put your heart in the work and don’t be afraid to ask questions! Always challenge the status quo.