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Pursuing Passion: Bee Bee’s Bryan Kishore Joins The New Breed Of Millennial Bartenders

It was certainly a bumpy road leading up to the launch of the cheeky 22-year-old’s very own bar


“My hands smelled off all sorts of alcohol.”

With a bartender apron still secured tightly around his waist, olive-skinned Bryan Kishore paused to reminisce the days of putting in his fair share of blood, sweat and elbow grease to ensure that his lifelong dream came to fruition. He recounted vividly how the arduous journey began by getting down and dirty like washing alcohol-stained glasses, before eventually landing gigs to bartend special events.

Five years later of learning the tricks of the trade, Kishore took a leap of faith and emptied his bank account to launch Bee Bee’s – a bar that is a reflection of not only his Peranakan heritage, but also his playful antics.

With an unwavering passion further bolstered by the  Canon EOS M100Kishore is indeed one to watch as his shakes and stirs his way into the world of spirits.

Tell us more about the road to the launch of Bee Bee’s

Setting up Bee Bee’s was always a dream of mine since I was young. I grew up really poor…that was all I wanted to do. We all started out somewhere. And I started out washing glasses when I was 16. It took me five years before I managed to save up enough money to open my bar. 

Why the name Bee Bee’s?

Bee Bee’s is actually named after my mum. My mum gave me everything growing up. So I only thought that it was right that I named the bar after her.

What is one thing that makes Bee Bee’s stand out in the bar scene?

Just like our quality cocktails, we pride ourselves on the guest experience. When you walk in through the door, everyone will treat you as a friend, a bro, ah hia, macha…it’s all about having fun. And this is what I’m looking to give everyone a sense of belonging at my bar.

What is your favourite Bee Bee’s cocktail? 

The Missionary’s Downfall. Held in a pineapple vessel, the cocktail is a forgotten classic and I personally love because it is sweet, minty and refreshing. Even when it’s quite dark, I use the Canon EOS M100 to capture my regular guests imbibing my cocktails as the camera performs brilliantly in a low light setting. Mixing drinks can be quite theatrical and with camera’s Dual Pixel CMOS AF system,  my quick sleight of hand is easily captured!

When Bryan is not hustling behind the bar, what is he up to?

I trade Pokemon cards to pay the bills.


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