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Get The Best Deals For Your New iPhone 15 In Singapore

Searching for the most value-for-money phone plans so that you can get your hands on the latest iPhone 15?

Well, you are at the right place as we combine the best deals for you!

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1. Circular’s Subscription Plans

Circular has introduced two fresh subscription plans in celebration of the iPhone 15 launch. These new subscription choices enable Singaporeans to enjoy the iPhone 15 while potentially saving up to SG$1,189 compared to purchasing it outright. As an extra benefit, all Circular subscriptions include complimentary Damage Cover, offering coverage for up to 90% of repair costs. This added peace of mind is particularly valuable since the majority of smartphone damage typically happens during the initial three months of use!

Circular’s new subscription plans include:

– Circular’s Flexi 18 subscription: The Flexi 18 subscription is Circular’s lowest monthly subscription plan, providing supreme flexibility for customers looking to swap or upgrade their device over the course of 18 months. After an initial six-month period, subscribers can explore penalty-free device swap options. This means you can subscribe now, nab the iPhone 15 and switch to the iPhone 16 next year, with no-fuss!


Savings with the Flexi 18-month subscription with damage cover compared to purchasing outright from Apple with Apple Care (S$229)

Savings will vary depending on when the subscriber chooses to upgrade or swap after the first 6 months.

Calculations here are based on the Flexi18 subscription, with the customer subscribing  for 12 months and then opting to action the free-upgrade to the iPhone 16

Calculations here are based on the Flexi 18 subscription, with the customer subscribing for 18 months and then opting to action the free-upgrade to the iPhone 16 at end of period

iPhone 15 128GB

Savings S$760

Savings S$376

iPhone 15 Plus 128GB

Savings S$840

Savings S$396

iPhone 15 Pro 128GB

Savings S$930

Savings S$456

iPhone 15 Pro Max 256GB

Savings S$1,040

Savings S$376

– Circular’s Upfront Saver subscription: Circular’s Upfront Saver plan demonstrates how subscribing is better than buying by providing those who like to upgrade their phone every year with a cost-effective and sustainable option. The Upfront Saver allows users to enjoy a minimum 12-month subscription while saving an additional 15% compared to Circular’s standard 12-month pay-by-the-month plan.


Monthly Subscription Cost

with a 12-month Upfront Saver subscription with damage cover compared to purchasing outright from Apple with Apple Care (S$229)

Total outright purchase price from Apple with Apple Care

iPhone 15 128GB


Savings S$854


iPhone 15 Plus 128GB


Savings S$964


iPhone 15 Pro 128GB


Savings S$1,024


iPhone 15 Pro Max 256GB


Savings S$1,189



Join the iPhone 15 subscription limited pre-order waitlist here.

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