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New Balance’s new collection is wearable fashion

Are you ready for the New Balance “90’s Outdoor” Pack? Well, get set for a gorgeous spread of colors!

Living in the concrete jungle and leading a busy city life does not mean there is no chance to enjoy thrills of the outdoors. The outdoor spirit is more than just travelling out to the open; it is also a state of mind and lifestyle. With a little creativity, urban dwellers could have the same fun and adventure daily in the heart of the city.

Designed with bold colors combinations like the 90’s, this collection (featuring 574, MRT580 and HRL710 models) will be an essential mix and match item for the trendy urban lifestyle.

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The New Balance “90s Outdoor Pack” (574 and MRT580 models) will be available at New Balance Experience Stores, Leftfoot, Limited Edt and Actually from October 2014, while the HRL710 will be available from December 2014.

By Nicole Lee