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Love, Bonito does us proud at FIDé Fashion Weeks

Love bonito fide fashion weeks pioneers local blogshop scene

Love bonito fide fashion weeks pioneers local blogshop scene

Pioneers in the local blogshop scene, Love, Bonito does us proud with its collaboration with French haute-couturier Julien Fournié

By Cheryl Chia

The reputation of blogshops may not be that great but our very own Love, Bonito has done us proud by representing the pret-a-porter fashion scene in Singapore with a collaborative effort with French haute-couturier Julien Fournié.

On Oct 19, “Julien Fournié for Love, Bonito” closed the FIDé Fashion Weeks at Marina Bay Sands. The journey to that show seemed to be an enjoyable one for Julien, and Rachel Lim and Viola Tan of Love, Bonito.

From Singapore to Paris

Rachel and Viola watched Julien’s haute-couture show at last year’s FIDé Fashion Weeks and expressed their interest in working with him through Dr Frank Cintamani, Chairman of FIDé Fashion Weeks. Their dream became reality.

Rachel says, “We cannot tell you how blessed we feel. We only knew about this in August and, before we knew it, we were in Paris! Everything was a whirlwind.”

“We were just saying to Dr Frank that it would be nice if we could work with Julien and Dr Frank said ‘Why not?’ and linked us up,” she says.

“We were initially very apprehensive but Julien was very humble and he was very open to our suggestions and that tore our walls down,” Viola adds.

Back to the drawing board

Julien Fournié was impressed by the poise of the two ladies when he met them in Paris. He says, “I’ve only shown my couture and I am glad to work with these two exceptional girls from Love, Bonito. Everything was so easy, stress-free. It was a creative big-bang between the ladies and myself.”

“The girls know the DNA of Love, Bonito so I decided on simple silhouettes for the contemporary woman. I am happy to work with the girls again whenever they want,” he says.

He also said to Rachel and Viola that there are “a lot of people in Paris who are anticipating the collection”. Love, Bonito has also appeared in several French media promoting the collection.

To budding entrepreneurs, they have this to say: “You have to almost be ready to lay down your life, to work hard at it. It is a lot of work and the competition is very stiff. You need to stand out from the rest.”

“We design and pick out the materials for our clothing; we take pride in that,” they add.

The Julien Fournié for Love, Bonito capsule is retailing from $50 to $129 on their website.