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10 Ways To Perfect Your #Flatlay

Take inspiration from some of our favourite Instagrammers

By Samantha Francis

Spend enough time on Instagram and you might notice perfectly curated photos of objects styled and arranged beautifully, shot from bird’s eye view. That’s a #flatlay for you.

Apart from being great for garnering plenty of likes, #flatlays also serve as inspirational visuals whether you’re looking to put together an outfit, plan a photo shoot, or simply, gather ideas for a project.

Here are some of our favourite tips you could use.

1. Use a pastel backdrop

2. Let bright pops of colour stand out


3. Have a colour scheme

4. Fill up the spaces

5. Use flowers to add colour and texture


6. Work with horizontal and vertical lines

7. Use your hands

8. Make use of negative space

9. Add some foliage

10. Put yourself into the shot