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Top 10 Hair Products For Coloured Hair

Your unicorn mane will thank you

If your coloured hair distinctly fades out after the first wash, it most likely means you're not using the right haircare products to maintain your kaleidoscope tresses. We sussed out 10 haircare products that do the trick of not only taming that mane, but also prolong the colour so that you can hair flip all day! 

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Source: Cocooncenter

2. Phytomillesime Hair Mask, PHYTO, $85

After a good hair wash, pamper your hair with this rinse-off hair mask that is enriched with the goodness of Argan butter to repair and nourish your hair. A headful of well-nourished hair strands locks-in the colours better, ensuring that your dye job lasts longer and appear more vibrant.

This range by PHYTO comes with, but not limited to a Hair Mask, Cleansing Care Cream, Shampoo, and more!

The products are available at Beauty By Nature, located at ION and Parkway Parade 

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