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Surviving World Cup 2014

Rehab London

Here’s how to look good and stay sane night after night


This peel-off mask will keep your skin hydrated, plump and bright. With white tea and Salicornia, the mask anti-oxidises the skin and limits moisture loss. After putting up with your partner cursing and swearing or cheering, depending on the team playing, you’d probably need all the help you can get with the lack of beauty sleep.

Available at Sephora.

Etude House

Men, we won’t judge if you want to sneak some of this Face Conditioning Cream from your significant other to put your best face forward at work post World Cup game. This fuss-free amalgamation of whitening, anti-wrinkle and sunscreen SPF 25 acts as a base for makeup but also moisturises and controls excessive sebum to even skin tone.

Available at Etude House.


Lack of sleep and late nights can cause skin to go haywire, and result in dry patches and an oily T-zone. Something men can share with their spouses as well, the Green Tea Balancing 3-Step Skincare line consists of a Green Tea Balancing Skin, lotion and cream suited for combination skin.

Available at Innisfree, in Takashimaya.

Rehab London

Finally, something men can use in broad daylight. Rehab London’s line specifically caters to the needs of men. The Revive Survive and the Scrub Up is the ultimate pick-me-up combo. The Scrub Up is a two-in-one daily scrub and cleanser. Wash your face with the Scrub Up with gentle grains and energise skin with Revive Survive, which contains ginseng. You’ll look as if you’ve had the full eight hours, even though you may not feel it.

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The code is valid until Jun 9.

Urban Decay

World Cup ladies, if you’re the one watching the World Cup, you need this Naked Skin Ultra Definition Loose Finishing Powder from Urban Decay. Designed to be virtually invisible on your skin, the high-tech, light-reflecting formula “‘fools’ the eye with optical blurring, seemingly airbrushing away imperfections and creating a soft-focus effect that looks professionally retouched. Either way, your skin will look flawless – even under bright, unforgiving light.

Available at Sephora.