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New sun protection products that help you stay fair

Protect your skin from harmful rays with Guardian’s all new suncare line


Pick the right one for your skin!

Living in sunny Singapore certainly has its perks, from the endless Summer we enjoy to the outdoor concerts and parties that dot the calendar all year round.

Say no to sun damage

Yet with the tropical heat comes the need for adequate sun protection so that you can stay clear of painful sun burns or worse, skin cancer! And if you didn’t know already, UV radiation also damage collagen fibers, resulting in accelerate ageing of the skin.

Lip Hop suncare essentials

Whether you’re diving in for a refreshing swim or running errands about town, Lip Hop has you covered — literally.

Newly launched by health and beauty expert Guardian, Lip Hop is a new line of suncare essentials that is dermatologically tested and proven to provide you with year-round sun protection.

The range, formulated and made in Korea and Japan, is not just affordable but also comes with innovative formultions to simultaneously benefit the skin.

Here’s how we can envision our days with Lip Hop:

Pool party

spf50 purple_flatten

Stop, spray and you’re good to go

If you’re headed to a pool party, you’d appreciate something with easy re-application. The Moisturising Lightweight Sun Protection Spray SPF50 PA++++ ($12.90) combines multiple functions in one handy spray bottle for convenient application on-­the-­go.

The spray is great for protection against UVA and UVB rays, and even works  as a makeup base to help absorb excess sebum on your skin.

Typical work day


Whitening and sun protection, all in one!

For a lightweight sunscreen perfect for daily usage, look no further than the Ultra Whitening Sun Protection Lotion SPF80 PA+++ ($12.90). The product not only provides sun protection but also boosts your skin’s natural radiance.

Stay fair and beautiful with the unique MelavoidTM Whitening Factor, a brightening active ingredient, which helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots so that you can achieve bright and radiant skin.

For sporty holidays

liphop spf115 milk_prod-01

This water-resistant sunscreen will accompany your every adventure

Whether you’re hiking up a mountain or simply engaging in water sports, look for a sunscreen with a high SPF to give you optimal protection from sun damage. The Super Defence EX Sun Protection Milk SPF115 PA+++ ($12.90) is the perfect one-­stop solution for defence from the harmful effects of sun damage.

The Nano Double Anti-­UV Defence formula effectively defends and absorbs UVA and UVB rays simultaneously to protect from harmful sun damage. Natural herbal extracts and Hyaluronic Acid also keeps your skin supple and fresh.

Lip Hop products are available in all Guardian Healthy & Beauty outlets.

by Samantha Francis