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Beauty Misconceptions: Let’s Talk Adult Acne

Skincare experts share their thoughts on caring for and healing adult acne

By Lynn Yang; Photos: Shutterstock

In this series of Beauty Misconceptions, we speak to the experts for their take on trending beauty topics and issues.

We tackled oral supplements in our first column, and now, we’re shining the spotlight on adult acne.

Experts Dr Ram Nath, Medical Director at The Wellness Clinic; Dr Lum Yang Xi, Medical Doctor of IDS Clinic; and Dr Kevin Chua, Medical Director of Drs Chua & Partners Clinic answer our burning questions.

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1. How should we deal with an acne outbreak?

Don’t squeeze your pimples because it will increase blood flow to the face, which will then encourage more oil to be produced. Plus, avoid overzealously buying anti-acne products off the shelves as some of these products can be very harsh on the skin and can even cause adverse reactions like excessive dryness.

One should also avoid caffeine and prolonged sun exposure, adopt good dietary habits and reduce excessive intake of sugar and dairy products. Consult a doctor if the acne is more severe. 

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