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Auspicious Colours To Wear According To Your Zodiac Sign This Lunar New Year

We’re always down for an occasion that calls for new clothes

This Chinese New Year, house-visit fashionably, while reeling in all the luck you can with our fengshui guide to rocking auspicious colours according to your zodiac signs.  Aside from being the Year of the Dog, 2018 is also protected by this year’s Chinese element Earth, signifying a balance of energies in reference to the relationship between the five elements of Chinese cosmology. To properly synergize with the Earth element, colours from the elements Wood and Water are suggested for touting.

To rein in all the prosper and happiness, here’s our list categorised by the zodiac animals, including style looks you can make purchase!

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Zodiac: Rat, Pig
Lucky Colours: Black, Blue, White

iROO Dog Zodiac Dress, $161.80
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Marchesa Notte High Low Cocktail Dress, US$845.00
Available at www.shopbop.com

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