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Accessory Brand Jet Set Candy Has Launched In SG

These beautifully designed trinkets will keep your best travel memories close to you

Photos: Jet Set Candy

Ever wish you could immortalise a certain moment in time? Like the sight of pastel-hued surfboards at Bondi Beach or the unforgettable scent of a Parisian perfume?

Instead of simply taking a photo during your travels, try collecting them on your wrists instead.

The New York-based Jet Set Candy, known for their line of premium travel jewellery, is now available in Singapore, at Takashimaya on Level 1 and multi-label accessories store Mimento, Capitol Piazza.

The launch in Singapore follows the brand’s inaugural success in the United States, where its mementos are guided by the philosophy of "collect your adventures”.

As such, the collection (from $62) boasts designs across six continents, almost 70 countries and includes charms, pendants, bracelets, earrings, and rings in sterling silver, 14K vermeil and solid gold.

Under Singapore, you'll find adorable charms like the Merlion, Singapore Sling and even chili crab.

More information here.

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