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4 Causes Of Oily Hair And How To Treat Them

Having oily scalp and hair woes? We’re here to help!

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Oily hair and scalp is a condition that plagues many Singaporeans regardless of gender. Thanks to our humid weather that causes excess sweat and oil to build up on our scalp.

But, did you know that there are other causes for your oily scalp as well? By figuring out the cause of your hair woes, you’re better equipped to provide a targeted solution to the problem. It is important to also keep an oily scalp in check as it can cause further problems such as hair loss.

Here are four of the most common causes of oily hair and how you can treat them.



If you think back to when your oily scalp problem started, you probably saw the first signs of it during puberty. Hormonal changes in the body, like puberty and pregnancy, can cause an increase in sebum production, creating build-up. Build-up clogs the hair follicles which suffocates the follicle, causing hair loss and scalp problems.

Solutions: Limit your intake of non-essential hormone altering medication. You can also try to balance your hormones naturally by changing your diet. Consuming more healthy fat, like from avocados and coconut oil, is said to keep hormones in check and improve health.



You might often see advice telling you to wash your hair less frequently, sometimes recommending you to only wash your hair once a week. Not washing the hair often enough will create a bed of bacteria on the scalp, causing pimples to form. Some people even develop fungi and infections due to poor scalp hygiene. By this point, scalp problems can cause severe hair loss.

Solutions: If your hair is oily, make sure you wash your hair at least once a day. For normal to dry hair, once every two days is acceptable. Make sure not to over wash hair as well because it might cause the scalp to overcompensate and produce more oil.

Going for hair treatments at least once or twice a month will also help to improve the condition of your hair and scalp, encouraging hair growth.


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In Singapore’s constant heat and humidity, perspiration, the haze and other environmental toxins can cause hair follicles to get clogged. The hair also secretes more oil to help create a preventive barrier to protect the scalp from these toxins.

Solutions: Avoid smoke filled bars or other locations that will encourage oil to build up on the skin and migrate to the hair. Try not to brush your hair with a brush or with your fingers as that encourages dirt and oils to be transferred.



Your hobbies and daily habits also have a part to play in making sure your scalp is clean and healthy. Your daily diet is a huge part in preventing an oily scalp and hair loss. Habits like touching your hair with your fingers or keeping hair tied up in a tight ponytail also have a part to play as it weakens the hair follicle. Lastly, smoking is extremely damaging to the scalp and causes hair loss.

Solutions: Keep to a healthy balanced diet with a focus on consuming fresh, unprocessed food. It would also be best to avoid oily and deep fried food where possible. Switch up your hairstyle and hair part every few months so that hair loss will not be excessive in a certain part of your scalp.

We recommend treating your scalp to a scalp treatment at least once a month to thoroughly clean the scalp as well as prevent hair fall from occurring. At Beijing 101, traditional Chinese medicine is used to help improve the health of your scalp, reducing oiliness and minimising hair loss.

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