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Get Your Hands on These 10 New Fragrances

Whether you love your fragrances sweet or musky, there are 10 new fragrances that you should know. Shop away!

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7. MEMO Oriental Leather Eau De Parfum

Oriental Leather Eau de Parfum, is a rich and dizzying fragrance that summons the striking splendours of Oman in its patchouli leather wake.

Anise seed, cinnamon and vanilla radiate from under its velvet veil like the warmth of the Wahabi golden desert sands or the sun-kissed peaks of the Al Hajar Mountains. As the sun sets, and the stars fling themselves across the canopy once more, the fresh and floral scent of lavender prevails.

Available  at escentials Paragon, escentials TANGS at Tang Plaza and Robinsons The Heeren at $355 (75ml).

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