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Enjoy Bubbling One-set Individual Pots at Fufu Pot From S$9.90++

Hate sharing your food? You can enjoy your very own individual pot at Fufu Pot!

If you love your hotpot and you want to be extra careful during the pandemic season, Fufu Pot’s individual pot is the way to go! Enjoy slurp-worthy soups simmering to the brim with meats, seafood and more. In addition, with the new one-set individual pot offering, that can only be at Fufu Pot.

Each pot is curated to serve the best flavours from different Asian cultures. It is boiling to the brim with ingredients in eight different broths.

Our favourite is The Stinky Tofu broth (S$24.90++), it is a Taiwanese-inspired broth of strong tang (and smell) bolstered by marinated stinky tofu. Sharp and delicious, it is made bolder with tiger prawns, clams and scallops. Furthermore, it adds to the taste of meats with an equally game-like solid minced pork and the Angus beef shabu. Seafood based soup is added with pork shabu and pork ball in the Thai-inspired White Curry for a pot of full-bodied flavour.

If your friend is a fan of Stinky Tofu but not you, they can indulge in a Sinky Tofu pot themself. At the same time, you can choose among Korean Army Stew, Tonkotsu Miso, White Curry, Sichuan Mala, Collagen, Tomato and Mushroom.

The Korean Army Stew (S$16.90++) is also not a bad choice that pays tribute to the famed Korean staple, with kimchi based sour and spicy broth, perfect for a rainy day.

Love the taste of Japan? The Tonkotsu Miso (S$18.90++) brings the familiarity of Japan to the table with the umami-ness of dashi stock and miso cooking up beef and pork.

The pots are served with a side of rice and a plethora of add-ons, including hot sides, meats, seafood, vegetables and more.

Fufu pot does not only sell individual pots. Their side dishes are just as enticing. Expect Korean favourites like Japchae with Mushroom & Vegetables (S$3.80++) and Grilled Tteobokki Skewer (S$4.80++). There is also Japanese influences like Aburi Chashu with Ajitama Egg (S$9.80++).

If you love Thai cuisine, a taste of Thai can be found with the Lollipop Chicken with Thai Sweet Chilli (S$6.80++) while Taiwanese street food is represented by the Taiwanese Fried Stinky Tofu (S$6.80++).

To celebrate a new way of souping up, Fufu Pot is offering its soups up to 60% off for the month of its opening.
– Opening week: All soups at S$9.90 (8-17 October 2021)
– Second week: All soups at S$10.90 (18-24 October 2021)
– Third week: All soups at S$11.90 (25-31 October 2021)
– Fourth week: All soups at S$12.90 (1-7 November 2021)

Fufu Pot is located at 68 Orchard Rd, #06-07, Singapore 238839.