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6 Adorable Items To Order At The Pompompurin Cafe

It’s the Sanrio character’s first South-east Asian outlet in Singapore

By Samantha Francis


Don’t forget to take a photo at the iconic Pompompurin gate!

Move over, Hello Kitty and DC Comics. Here comes another utterly adorable theme cafe to throw us all into a frenzy.

Pompompurin — better known as the sunshine yellow, golden retriever dog character in Sanrio’s line up — will be the star of a new cafe opening on Apr 18 at Orchard Central.

Diners can expect 1,900sqf worth of Instagram-worthy (and hopefully equally delicious) food and beverages, character-themed merchandise and Japanese service, all enveloped in the charm of the Sanrio character.

According to the Managing Director of Create Restaurants Asia, Mr. Kawaguchi Kiyoshi, “Purin was ranked #1 in the Sanrio Character ranking in 2015, which is a testament of his popularity around the world.” Excuse us, but what happened to the mouthless cat?

Nonetheless, we can’t wait to gush over the cafe, which will feature the signature Pompompurin Gate as well as four 4-seater booths that replicate the “Tomodachi House” (translated as Friends House), each featuring one of Purin’s friends — Bagel the Squirrel, Coconut the Monkey, Mint the Frog and Macaroon the Golden Retriever.

Until Apr 18 rolls around, check out these 5 adorable items on the menu:

I am Purin Pompompurin Pudding

1. I am Purin Pompompurin Pudding

Enjoy Pompompurin’s favourite food: A light and smooth milk pudding served with sweet caramel syrup.


POMPOMPURIN's Coconut Milk Chicken Curry

2. Pompompurin’s Coconut Milk Chicken Curry

A hearty dish which consists of fresh chicken chunks and mild coconut curry, topped off with rice shaped like Pompompurin and garnished with crunchy vegetables.


POMPOMPURIN's Banana & Caramel Pancake

3. Pompompurin’s Banana & Caramel Pancake

Caramel-flavoured Pompompurin-shaped pancakes sandwiching generous layers of sliced bananas.


Taco Rice in a Cup of Friendship

4. Taco Rice in a Cup of Friendship

Can you bear to bite into Pompompurin and his best friend, Muffin the hamster? Diners are recommended to enjoy this Mexican taco-inspired dish by overturning the perfectly-sculpted rice and sour cream onto the bed of tasty meat sauce and vegetables.


POMPOMPURIN's Mango Parfait

5. Pompompurin’s Mango Parfait

Alternating layers of buttery soft sponge cakes, french vanilla ice cream and refreshing mango cubes, finished off with Pompompurin signature pudding.


POMPOMPURIN's Beef Stroganoff

6. Pompompurin’s Beef Stroganoff (S$18.99)

With a beef patty as Pompompurin’s signature beret hat, enjoy flavourful mouthfuls of sautéed beef with sour cream dressing served with rice.


Purin Mug

P.S. With every order of a dish that is marked with the Pompompurin mug logo, a brand new mug will be presented complimentary to the diner at the end of the meal.

Pompompurin Café, Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road #04-08, Singapore 238896