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EZ-link cards that will make your daily rides more fun

The humble EZ-link card, which has been around since 2002, has taken on some interesting forms and designs to make our daily commute even more fun


All your favourite Singaporean icons on a card

SG50 EZ-link card

We know, the SG50 tagline on any product either leaves you feeling proud or cringing in horror — and this one’s definitely the former. The limited edition SG50 EZ-link card is inspired by 50 icons curated to be uniquely Singapore, including the iconic dragon playground at Toa Payoh, the Merlion, the HDB block, botanical gardens and more.

We love how well designed the icons are, with a bright and sunny colour palette as well as clean illustrations. Right in the heart of the card is a ‘little red dot’ uniting all these icons, and a charming reminder of the little things that make Singaporeans who we are.

The card is currently available at Transitlink Ticket Offices island-wide on a limited run.

‘My Journey, My Home’ ez-link cards

These four EZ-link cards are not only beautiful, but meaningful as well. In celebration of SG50, EZ-link launched a nation-wide ‘My Journey, My Home’ competition to develop an exclusive set of commemorative collectibles, and has pledged part of the card’s sales proceeds to Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS).

Two of these four winning designs were created by children with dyslexia and demonstrated their creative disposition in spite of their learning difficulties. With detailed sketches of our nation’s skyline and icons, juxtaposing the childlike crayon colours, these EZ-link cards bring me right back to the nostalgia of my school days.

These four art pieces have been printed onto 50,000 ez-link cards each and will be sold at Transitlink Ticket Offices island-wide.


These adorable Hello Kitty charms will brighten up your journey

Hello Kitty EZ-Charms

If this is old news to you, then you might just be a Hello Kitty fan. Launched in April this year, these special EZ-link cards come in the form of Hello Kitty shaped trinkets and functions the same way as an EZ-link card. Available in four adorable designs: white face with red, pink, blue or gold bow, these EZ-Charms were sold out in no time. Not that we were surprised, considering how well Singaporeans take to the popular mouthless cat. Nonetheless, we’re glad to see this latest form of contactless technology open a world of possibilities. We’d definitely like to see these EZ-Charms taking the form of other cartoon characters!

Details at www.myezlink.com.sg/web/

By Samantha Francis