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6 experiences in Woodlands you didn’t know you could have

These are not your average activities for the weekend — make a trip to Woodlands and unearth a number of hidden attractions that aren’t crowded yet

The Woodlands residential area is set to be the next big commercial cluster, thanks to the Master Plan that will introduce shopping and farming space People’s Plaza, commercial developments at Woodlands Regional Centre and the Thomson train line leading to Malaysia.

But even without these new projects, Woodlands has a number of interesting activities for families and friends, some which you might not even expect to find in Singapore. Before the town gets crowded with new attractions and people, head down to these places for a unique weekend experience.




Engage your family and friends in a paintball shoot-out at Red Dynasty’s Camp Challenge.


Fancy yourself a Singaporean Rambo, or a good shot at least? Bond with your family or friends over a battle of paintball at Red Dynasty’s Camp Challenge.

Besides developing decision-making and team-building skills, you get to have fun and maybe even settle a long-standing debate by ‘taking out’ a loved one.

Don’t be afraid to play dirty — literally — as there are shower facilities here for you to clean up after coming back from ‘war’. Packages are available from $10 to $96 per pax, and are available for participants aged 14 years and above. Red Dynasty also has another paintball park at ORTO in Yishun.

2 Admiralty Road East




Bollywood Veggies is a 10-acre farm where visitors can enjoy horticultural, educational and culinary classes. (Photo: Takuya Takenishi)


In the rural area of Kranji lies a quaint farm and a Food Museum. Bollywood Veggies is a 10-acre farm that grows Earth-friendly produce that is free from chemical fertilisers, pesticides, growth hormones and genetic modification.

Visitors can enjoy hands-on horticultural, educational and cul-inary classes. The Bhhanchha Cooking School there is open to visitors as young as five years old.

Please note that payment is accepted only in cash.

100 Neo Tiew Rd




From the Woodlands Galaxy Community Club observatory, one can see Jupiter, Saturn, meteor showers and even comets on clear nights. (Photo: The Woodlands Galaxy Community Club Facebook)


Hiding in the Woodlands Galaxy Community Club headquarters is an astronomical treasure — an observatory housing a 30cm telescope that peers into space. On nights with clear skies, you can see Jupiter, Saturn, meteor showers and even comets.

The observatory opens on Friday and Saturday nights from 7.30pm to 9.30pm

31 Woodlands Ave 6




Take a relaxing stroll along the jetty at Woodlands Waterfront Park, which awards a scenic view of the Johor Bahru skyline. (Photo:Dickson Phua)


For those looking to get away from the busy city streets, the Woodlands Waterfront Park is a calming spot with a scenic view.

You can stroll down the jetty, cycle or roller-skate in the park, play at the multi-generational playground and even work out at the fitness corner.

After you’ve worked up a sweat, you can head over to Rasa Istimewa Waterfront Restaurant, a halal eatery that specialises in Muslim seafood.

Admiralty Rd W



This fish soup stall comes highly recommended by my friends and family. Yan Ji has been at Woodlands Food Centre for more than 30 years, and locals continue to flock there for its unbeatable seafood soup.

Even Malaysians cross the border just for a taste of Yan Ji’s sweet broth, as mentioned in several Johor Bahru-based blogs. The big secret? The soup base is made with sun-dried Hokkaido scallops.

One taste will not be enough and it’ll have you driving all the way back for more.

Woodlands Food Centre, 4A Woodlands Centre Rd




Ever wanted to feast on gourmet food but without extravagant prices? Here’s where you can get high-quality food at inexpensive prices. Tucked away in Woodlands Terrace is a row of factories that offer more bang for your buck.

Here, you can shop for epicurean delights such as wagyu beef, sashimi, pork knuckles and ice cream, and stock up for upcoming parties and gatherings. My family members are regulars of Fassler Gourmet, where we purchase wholesale supplies of cheap and lip-smacking mushroom soup and clam chowder from sustainable sources.

Woodlands Terrace

Now you know the secrets of the North!


By Pamela Chow