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Yeo Yann Yann: She’s one hot mama!

Award-winning actress Yeo Yann Yann talks about how making babies helped her film local sex comedy Rubbers


Strutting into the room with hot pink capri pants and power pumps, Yeo Yann Yann sports no sign of motherhood stress. On the scintillating poster of local sex comedy Rubbers, Yann Yann looks even less like a new mom.

But the feisty lady, who is known for her key roles in Ilo Ilo and 881, will tell you that she’s a mother first – no matter what raunchy scenes she may appear in.

RBS_Thor & Baoling-1 (2)

In her latest film Rubbers by local director Han Yew Kwang, Yann Yann stars as awkward singleton Baoling, who tries to seduce hunky plumber Thor (Julian Hee).

Weekender chats with Yann Yann to find out how she landed herself in the role, and what this new movie means to her as a mom.


Wow, you look great in the poster for Rubbers! How do you feel about this visual?

This photo was taken a year after I gave birth. I was a proud new mom, but I didn’t have confidence in my figure. I was still big then – no editing needed. [laughs] Now I’m back to my original size!

What was your first reaction to the racy script?

I said no at first. How would I face my kid in the future? “This isn’t real, Mommy’s only acting!” When she turns 18, [the director] will have to explain to her how her mother could do such things!

I’m just kidding. We’re actors, after all.

What made you decide to take on the role?

When Yew Kwang came to me, I had just given birth three months ago. I told him I don’t think I’m in good shape. But he had come to my home in Malaysia to look for me. I think he wanted to make changes and explore different things [in film]. So despite my tiredness I said okay, let’s try.

So how did you slim down?

Actually I was a spokesperson for a slimming campaign. And it worked very well – without reducing the size of my assets too!

RBS_Thor & Baoling-2 (2)

How was it like acting seductively towards Julian? Was it awkward for you to play such a role?

I’m a very, very lucky girl. [laughs] As actors, when we work, we have to leave the awkwardness outside. [On set,] I am not Yann Yann, I am Baoling.

Do you feel sexy after it?

Baoling is awkward; I don’t find her sexy at all. It’s natural to try to be sexy, but for myself, sexiness comes from the inside, not just from your body. Even though I look different from the poster now, I still feel really sexy.

Any funny behind-the-scenes stories you can share with us?

The director and a staff went with me to pick out my wardrobe. So I’d come out of the changing room and have two guys tell me, “It’s not short enough, try something shorter.” It was like shopping with two boyfriends.

What surprised you most during this experience?

Condoms taste quite bad, even with a banana. It’s weird!


Would you dare to let your husband watch this film?

Of course I would! Hopefully he will find me sexy after watching it, and maybe he’ll miss my after-birth figure.

Then would you two consider having another child after that?

That would be up to fate! [laughs]

Rubbers premieres in theatres on Apr 30, with a rating of R21.

By Pamela Chow