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Win Premiere Invites To Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Here’s how you can win premiere tickets to the action-packed film

By Nicole-Marie Ng and Pamela Chow


To the Batmobile!

Speed your way down to Shaw House Urban Plaza from 6.30pm-7pm today, Mar 23, for a chance to win premiere invites to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. All you have to do is dress up as your favourite character from the movie. The best costumes will be selected to join in the premiere.

Life-size figurines of Batman and Superman will also be on display.

PS: Scroll on for some costume inspiration!

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(Photo: geekslop.com)

(Photo: flickrhivemind.net)

1. Come in your workwear

It’s Wednesday and you might be rushing down after work. Good news: Clark Kent is a salaryman too.

Feel free to show up in corporate wear and glasses. For added effect, wear a Superman logo tee and be ready to bust it out when the time is right.

Remember to style in Superman’s iconic curled fringe!

(Photo: pinterest.com)

(Photo: afistfulofsoundtracks.blogspot.com)

(Photo: phoenixforce85.deviantart.com)

2. Come with a buddy or two

It isn’t a versus if you’re alone. Bring a buddy to dress up as your opponent or even your middle(wo)man, Wonder Woman, and re-enact an intense scene you hope to see in the movie.

(Photo: mcmbuzz.com)

(Photo: geeksaresexy.net)

3. Come as Lex Luthor before he goes full loco

Another quick fix if you happen to be in a work outfit: Grab some glowing green weapons and you’ll resemble the power-hungry magnate Lex Luthor before he transforms into a supervillain.

Tip: He’s played by Jesse Eisenberg with longish hair in the new movie, so bonus if you come sporting that hairstyle.