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Love is in the Air: Ridiculously good looking

Sagnier & Bedos make a beautiful bickering couple
Sagnier & Bedos make a beautiful bickering couple
Sagnier & Bedos make a beautiful bickering couple

This classic French rom-com with incredibly good looking leads Ludivine Sagnier and Nicolas Bedos will amuse you

Love is in the air is about a playboy (played by Nicolas Bedos) and his ex (played by the popular Ludivine Sagnier) who are forced to sit beside each other for a six-hour flight.

Uncomfortable and awkward at first, the two rediscover what brought them together to begin with, and what ultimately tore them apart.

Sounds Familiar?

An unrepentant playboy breaks the heart of his love, sending the relationship to the pits. Years later, the two run into each other and rediscover their love for one another. This premise is the idea from which recent film-makers have created a countless number of modern day chick-flicks.

Nevertheless, the portrayal and the situations depicted are both interesting and amusing. Still, the ending of a rom-com of this kind is almost never in doubt and, with leads as beautiful and charming as Sagnier and Bedos, one can anticipate in suspense the moment when they finally rekindle their love.

This is definitely a couples’ movie or one for romantics at heart.

Amour et Turbulences

Released in France with the aforementioned title, meaning “love and turbulence”, this film relies heavily on the charm of its main leads. The beautiful Sagnier takes the female lead in her first romantic comedy, while Bedos has a slightly tougher job in convincing the audience to like his character, an immoral playboy with quirks some will even come to hate.

Love is in the Air’s storyline is decent, and one that begs for a Hollywood studio remake starring the likes of Ashton Kutcher. However, with such heavy reliance on the actor’s charisma and looks, one will wonder if a Hollywood actor can possibly be equal in flair and charm.

This film is perhaps a mainstream rom-com with just enough twists and turns for it to be original. It promises to be worth watching, simply for the ridiculously handsome Bedos and brilliantly sweet Sagnier.


DIRECTOR: Alexandre Castagnetti
STARRING: Ludivine Sagnier, Nicolas Bedos, Jonathan Cohen & Brigitte Catillon
GENRE: Romance, Comedy
RUN LENGTH: 96 min