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1965 movie featuring LKY: New stills and posters released!

1965 Teaser Poster_Hires

Our former Prime Minister may have departed, but his legacy is one we’ll be celebrating for a while.

We’re looking forward to the local upcoming projects that feature Lee Kuan Yew, one of which is the much-anticipated Daniel Yun movie 1965. Local thespian Lim Kay Tong stars as the late Founding Father in this film.

We’ve got the latest stills, behind-the-scenes shots and posters for 1965 right here! But first, watch this teaser scene of Mr Lee if you haven’t already:

And now, for the stills and behind the scenes…




DSC_8242 - Seng & ZJ


2014-11-25 16.09.00

DSC04788 2


1503_1965 Teaser Poster2

1503_1965 Teaser Poster4

What do you think? Will you be catching this passion project in theatres? I definitely will be – what a good way to commemorate our nation’s 50th birthday too!

1965 will release in theatres on July 30.

By Pamela Chow