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Halloween horrors: Which ghost should you spend your night with?

This spooky season, more places have come up with creepier and more creative horror trails to scare us silly. We take a look at what’s new and what’s better this year

I still remember a time when people in Singapore hardly batted an eyelid as Halloween came and went. I’d be surprised to spot even one ghost mask on a passerby.

Now, come October, it’s customary to hear friends and family going batty over seasonal haunted-house attractions.

This year, while past freaky favourites from Fort Siloso and Scape are still in hiding, new and possibly scarier horrors have emerged from the shadows.

Can you handle these horrors with bravado, or will you be spooked silly by the new blood that’s creeping in?

Halloween Horror Nights 5


Dates: 9-11, 16-18, 23-25 & 29-31 Oct
Price: $68
Now in its fifth run, this large-scale Halloween event held at Universal Studios Singapore is back to continue its reign of terror. And, this year, the scare fest is bringing Asian fears to life.

Sporting a uniquely Singaporean theme, Halloween Horror Nights 5 will resurrect terrors from the classic “True Singapore Ghost Stories” books. Can you battle through a haunted MRT ride, survive in an epidemic-stricken HDB block and fight through a hell-house of paper effigies?

Bring all of your lucky charms and talismans, because your worst nightmares will come crawling to life!

Ghost with the Most: A ‘familiar’ lady with long hair, straight out of “True Singapore Ghost Stories”.

More information and tickets available here.

Scary Scary Night 2015


Dates: 23, 24, 30 & 31 Oct
Price: $29 for students, $45 for adults

On regular nights, the corridors of Bugis Street are teeming with fashionable shoppers and chatty storeowners.

But these select nights in October are not regular. When the stores wind down, shutters close shut and the lights are extinguished, the alleys here turn into menacing corners that conceal unspeakable danger. Experience true horror as one of Singapore’s liveliest shopping haunts becomes ‘haunted’.

Don’t look back, even if you pass a “90% off” sale sign. It might be a trap.

Ghost with the Most: Did that mannequin just move?

For more information and tickets, click here.

Changi Revisited – The Hendon Horrors

Dates: 23-25, 30 Oct
Cost: From $48

Thrill-seekers, this is your time to shine. This Halloween event has me the most excited — and even a little nervous.
The fictitious Hendon Hotel — set frighteningly near the infamous Old Changi Hospital and Changi Barracks — is steeped in mystery after a recent tragedy plunges its residents into a state of suspicion and panic.

You and your friends must investigate three floors of clues and interrogate suspects to collect evidence. You have only 75 minutes to solve the mystery.

There’s no jostling with crowds, since the Hotel will be cleared to accommodate only a few teams per session. You can sign up in groups of up to six people. But beware: you may walk out with seven!

Ghost with the Most: A suspect, Mdm Huang, is still alive, but drowning in debt — and desperation can kill!

For more information and tickets, click here.

Fright Night 2015


Date: 31 Oct
Price: $20 for SAFRA members, $25 for guests

For a slightly more tame experience — I can’t promise how much tamer, though — spend your night with infamous local ghosts at SAFRA Yishun.

Navigate ‘haunted’ trails and mazes populated with fiends from your childhood fears. You can feast on ‘finger’ food, and even get your fortune read.

Please note that registration for this event closes on Oct 23, and attendees must be aged 13 and above.

Ghost with the Most: The fortune teller who can foretell your future. Accuracy not guaranteed.

For more information and tickets, visit www.safra.sg/Participate/Halloween-2015.

The Mystery Mansion

Date: 23 Oct
Price: $25 for SAFRA members, $30 for public
If mystery-solving is something you’re seeking, you’re in for a treat (or trick).

Fusing the usual haunted-house concept with popular room-escape mechanics, The Mystery Mansion will launch you into a hunt for a murderer.

Uncover the clues behind the murder of Mr Mayhem, interact with characters wandering around the Mansion and earn your right to access bonus rooms with extra hints.

Will you and your friends be able to put Mr Mayhem’s soul to rest?

Ghost with the Most: The wandering and lost soul of Mr Mayhem.

For more information and tickets, click here.