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3 personal celebrity stories at The Best of You that will move you


At the Best of You exhibition, you can read inspiring personal stories and selected artworks from local and international celebrities and the public


Tear-jerking and motivational accounts have flooded the Central Atrium of Marina Square, and this is your last chance to catch an intimate glimpse into some of your favourite celebrities’ personal lives.

This weekend, the Best of You Finale Exhibition will have sharing sessions with actresses Irene Ang, Patricia Mok, Amy Cheng, Xiang Yun and Nurul Aini.

Out of more than 1,000 stories showcased at the Best of You exhibition, some 110 are words of motivation, deliberation and even regret expressed by local and international artists and personalities.

We took a sneak peek into these stories, and here are three that you should look out for when you head down:


1. Dick Lee deliberately dropped out of school

“I knew quite early on that I wasn’t destined for academic success, but the road I found myself on was a conservative and conventional one – school, more school, university, job. I didn’t want to go down that road, so I purposely failed my ‘O’ Levels so that I had no fall-back plan…”

2. Irene Ang on being a harsh mentor

“I find the role of a mentor most rewarding… When mentoring, I am also reminded of the mistakes I’ve made and not to take things for granted. In the beginning, there were more misses than hits as I had very high expectations of my mentees…”

3. Patricia Mok’s second passion

“I’m known to many as being constantly active and always on the go, looking for things to do, looking for new things to try. So one day, I came across my niece’s colouring book, and that piqued my interest. In June 2015, I discovered adult colouring books and was hooked ever since…”

For the full stories, head down to The Best of You exhibition held at Central Atrium, Marina Square until Oct 18 (Sunday). Visit www.the-best-of-you.com for more information.

By Pamela Chow