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10 Korean Dramas You Didn’t Know You Can Binge-Watch On Netflix

Ready a plate of kimchi fries for your k-drama marathon

Photo: Netflix

We’re spoilt, to the point of rotten when it comes to our demands of television programmes. Gone were the days of sitting in front of a bulky telly, flipping through channels for hours while grumbling at the offerings of boring news segments and unrealistic infomercials.

But in an ironic twist of fate, it seems like we’re now suffering from too much good TV. Best part? It’s all streamed online to fulfill your TV-watching desires.

Netflix is possibly the number one enabler for the surge of binge watchers. The kind that disappears under bed sheets for a day or two, electronic devices in hand, before emerging from the shadows to rejoin human life as it is.

But, wait.

Due to…um, evolution, Netflix has since claimed a new subset of binge watchers: Binge racers! According to the streaming company, these species are known to speed through an entire season within 24 hours to earn bragging rights as the first to finish watching, leaving the rest in a cloud of smoke. Unsurprisingly, Singapore earned the second place for the highest percentage of binge racers in Asia, specifically topping globally for binge racing Korean dramas.

And because Singaporean is all about being the best amongst the rest, let’s wear the title like a badge with honour by binge-watching these 10 K-dramas on Netflix:

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1. The Sound Of Your Heart

Based on Korea’s longest-running webtoon series, this comedy follows the ridiculous daily lives of a cartoonist, his girlfriend and his subpar family

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