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Work Out Anytime You Want For Only $7/Hour At Singapore’s First 24-Hr Container Gym

You can even enjoy lower rates through the packages, starting at $4.17/hr

Photo: The Gym Pod

We have a serious love-hate relationship with the gym. We love how there’s all sorts of machines available for us to shake up our fitness routine. And when it’s too hot and sunny out (when isn’t it in Singapore?), the gym is the air-conditioned haven where we can stay on track with our running goals.

Sadly, gym intimidation is real. It’s tough to start your fitness journey surrounded by super buff weight-lifters, so many of us make use of our gym membership less often than we’d like to. And that sucks, because those fees are not cheap!

Well, high costs and the anxiety of being judged are no longer reasons to avoid the gym now, thanks to The Gym Pod.

Photo: The Gym Pod

Launched in early June, The Gym Pod is Singapore’s first-ever fully automated, pay-per-use, and semi-private container gym. Working out has never looked so cheery than in this bright yellow box. Open 24/7 and located in the one-north business district, you can get a good sweat at the crack of dawn before heading off to work. Booking one of the pods is simple and completely self-service: visit The Gym Pod’s website and reserve a time slot. You’ll then receive a unique password to enter into the pod’s smart lock system.

Inside the pod, you’ll find all the basic equipment you need for a good and varied workout: a treadmill, dumbbells of a range of weights, a yoga mat, and a Smith Machine. That’s a guided weight training machine that doesn’t require a spotter.

Photo: The Gym Pod

You don’t have to worry about wandering eyes watching you as you try to figure out the Smith Machine. No more than three people are allowed to use the one pod, so the whole gym is a judgement-free zone! This limit to the number of people is also probably why each session you can book is capped at only one hour, but we think it’s reasonable, and sharing is caring! For even more privacy from random passers-by, The Gym Pod team has thoughtfully installed blinds that you can pull down over the clear glass walls.

For such a unique concept created and run by just a three-man team, surely the rates have got to be pretty steep? That couldn’t be further from the truth. Each one-hour session costs $7, while first-time Gym Podders can try out the concept with a complimentary hour of workout. If you like a commitment to keep you motivated, The Gym Pod also offers packages that help you save even more. They start from as low as $4.17 per hour, for 72 one-hour sessions over a period of seven months.

The one downside to The Gym Pod is that there is currently only one pod at one location available. But the team is working hard to change that and bring more pods to convenient locations across Singapore. You can even suggest a location near your home or workplace by sending them an e-mail.

73A Ayer Rajah Crescent, JTC Launchpad @ one-north, Singapore 139957

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