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What’s So Crazy About Crazy Horse Paris

Photos: Crazy Horse Paris

The French cabaret is crazy for all the right reasons, and not just blatant nudity

In case you’re unfamiliar with Crazy Horse, here’s a quick primer. The legendary Parisian cabaret founded in 1951 (yes, it’s even older than Singapore) is renowned for its burlesque dances. But such sensual performances are dime a dozen in the French capital. So what makes Crazy Horse different from the rest of the crowd? We find out for ourselves when these long-legged beauties dropped our country to present their burlesque act in Forever Crazy by Crazy Horse Paris.

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1. Crazy Choreography

For the naysayers who deride Crazy Horse as bordering on soft porn, you couldn’t be more mistaken.

Inspired by Rockettes and Sigfried Follies, every single Crazy Horse performer is classically-trained. Andree Deissenberg, chief creative officer of Crazy Horse Paris, only recruits “the cream of the crop” — two to three lucky ladies are selected from over 500 hopefuls in a year.

Deissenberg reveals that after they are picked, the girls are put through an intensive learning curve to master the highly specific Crazy Horse Paris choreographic language.

In laymen terms, that means movements like precise back arches and sharply-angled leg postures. There was this one act where the performers had to do a series of actions that vaguely reminded us of our primary school ACES day workout, but executed at such speed and dexterity that made us realised just how strong their cores are!

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