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#TheWeekendList: 27-29 October

27-29 October: Attend a silent movie screening, boogie at a dance carnival, and have a fiesta at Haw Par Villa!

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Photo: GaiGai

2. Secure your tickets for SplashFest

This one’s for all your swinging singles in the house! On November 11, join in the fun as GaiGai’s mega party returns for its largest outing yet. Hosted within the Adventure Cove Waterpark, here’s your chance to explore and scream your lungs out on the thrilling water rides. Plus, you’ll get exclusive night access to four rides in the waterpark, an abundance of carnival games and entertainment, plenty of challenges for teams, and of course, the quintessential unicorn and insta-worthy floats.

Tickets range from $40 to $45, but because you’re reading about it on Weekender, you get a special treat when you use promo code weekenderxgg. You’re welcome!

Register here.

8 Sentosa Gateway, S098269

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