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Tiger Brewery Tour: Discover How Singapore’s Iconic Tiger Beer Is Made

Visitors will get to sample the freshest Tiger Beer brews at the end of the tour

Photos: Tiger Beer

With the Singapore bicentennial happening this year, it’s a perfect time to look back at the major accomplishments in our early history that made us the nation we are today. When we think of a homegrown creation that has shaped our nation’s culture and identity, as well as put us on the world map, what comes to mind immediately is Tiger Beer. Born and brewed in Singapore with a history of more than 85 years, Tiger Beer oozes local pride in a chilled brown bottle.

How did the beer come about and achieve its iconic status? Journey back in time and discover its fascinating history on the Tiger Brewery Tour. Held at its very home in Tuas where Tiger Beer is brewed fresh, the Tiger Brewery Tour also gives you the rare and unique chance to go behind the scenes and witness how the beer is made. To top it all off – beer enthusiasts, listen up – there’s a beer-tasting session where you get to sample a range of local beers!

The 45-minute tour begins at the brewery’s visitor centre, where a guide will take your through the long and distinguished legacy of Tiger Beer. Get to know how the brand grew over the years from a humble local brand in Singapore to an internationally acclaimed and well-loved household name around the world.

Ever wonder how Tiger Beer got its name, and why “Tiger”? Or who were the ones who helped launch Singapore’s first-ever locally brewed beer company? This first stage of the tour will satisfy your curiosity about these questions, as well as provide interesting tidbits to answer questions you probably never knew you had! For instance, you get to learn what other world-famous beers are under the same brewery family. Yup, the Asia Pacific Breweries that’s home to Tiger Beer also brews a variety of renowned brands. We won’t mention any names; that’s for you to discover on the tour!

After diving into its rich history, it’s time to find out what makes the homegrown beer so widely loved and popular. From the visitor’s centre, the Tiger Brewery Tour takes you to see what exactly goes into making Tiger Beer. All four key ingredients used in the brew – malt, hops, yeast, and water – are laid out at the Ingredients Display Kiosk. Here’s your chance to dip your hands in and get a feel of each ingredient and their excellent quality.

Those who are not familiar with the different roles the ingredients play in bringing out that classic beer taste can get a quick introduction from the information boards displayed. Or, you can witness the process of brewing beer out of those ingredients inside the Brew House itself! Visitors on the tour get exclusive access inside the top secret Brew House to get a sneak peek of the machines at work brewing Tiger Beer.

The journey of the beer doesn’t end there. At the Packaging Gallery, visitors get to follow the journey of a Tiger Beer bottle or can as it gets packed up in boxes and shipped off for distribution. From the brewery in Tuas, a bottle or can of Tiger Beer can reach your lips within just hours, and taste as though it just came from the tap. No beer brewed and imported from foreign lands can beat that swiftness and freshness!

This stop of the tour also treats you to a super cool hands-on opportunity – pouring a glass of beer from the tap! A live demonstration will teach you how to do it, and then a few volunteers get to try.

Even more beers await at the next stop, the Tiger Tavern. The beer-tasting session would likely be the highlight of the tour that all you beer lovers will look forward to eagerly. After following the whole brewing process, visitors finally get to taste the finished products. There’s no other place in the world than its home in the Singapore brewery where you can drink Tiger Beer at its freshest. A selection of beers are offered for sampling at the tavern and it’s all free for your indulgence. Responsibly, of course.

Finally, make a quick stop at the Tiger Den to bring home some of the magic of the brewery. At this merchandise shop, you can find exclusive merchandise of the iconic Singapore beer that you can’t find anywhere else. There are all sorts of t-shirts, accessories, figurines and more to proudly display your love for the homegrown brand.

Through an in-depth guide through the brewing process and various hands-on opportunities, the Tiger Brewery Tour tells a unique story of what it really means to be born and brewed in Singapore. It’s an experience sure to wow and delight history buffs as well as beer enthusiasts, filling you up with a good dose of not just quality beer, but also national pride. And it’s an experience you can enjoy at $18 per adult (on weekdays if you book online) and $12 per child! For such an exclusive tour, that’s a total bargain.

Guided tours at the Tuas Tiger Brewery are available from Tuesdays to Sundays (except Public Holidays), every hour from 1pm to 5pm. Book your tour today!

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