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The E-Scooter Sharing Program That Action Star Jackie Chan Wants You To Get Onboard

It’s a greener way to move!

Photo: Gogreen Holdings

Beloved Hong Kong celebrity Jackie Chan may just have traded up adrenaline-pumping car race scenes for a leisure whiz on an e-scooter.

We deduced this claim when he was in town on Sunday 19 Sunday 2018 to unveil a dockless scooter sharing program, launched by Personal Mobility Devices company Gogreen Holdings. The program is the first of its kind in Singapore.

The program was launched for tourists to explore every nook and cranny of Singapore in a speedy, fun and environmentally-friendly way.

Chan, who is also a Gogreen Holdings shareholder, shared: “This initiative not only promote green technology – something I strongly believe in – but the versatility of the Gogreen dockless scooters also allows travellers to discover the city at their own pace and time in a convenient and unique way, especially with an increasing number of free and independent travellers in Singapore.”

Gogreen’s fleet of Ninebots by Segway KickScooters (ES2) is to be used for the dockless sharing program.

The unveiling of the new Gogreen powered by Segway dockless electric scooters is the first step of a larger scooter-sharing program. An app will be developed for tourists to download at a later stage, where educational and entertainment aspects are integrated to give rides an enriched and informative experience when zipping past some Singapore attractions.