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This Secretive Pop-Up Is Dinner Plus Escape Mystery

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Dine and drink like James Bond while you execute a multi-room escape

By Pamela Chow; Photo: Courtesy of And So Forth

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Talk about a gastronomical adventure – this upcoming interactive dining experience will launch you into a thrilling journey while enjoying grub as part of the story.

Theatrical dining company And So Forth, which has done previous installations like a giant indoor picnic and a Karl Lagerfeld-themed futuristic world, will be opening another unexpected but exciting pop-up next month.

Held from 6 Aug to 18 Sep, The Spy, The Thug, His Wife and Her Lover will place your group at a secret location where you have to work with The Spy to navigate a series rooms and situations, extract information, conceal identities and expertly escape without blowing your cover.

At the same time, as agents, you will be able to consume food and guzzle fabulous cocktails throughout the story, while using your wits and exercising self-control (this may prove difficult). Want a drink that’s more scintillating and customised? Head over to the Crystal Bar to place your order.

Like a true tale of espionage, directions to the meeting point and instructions to follow will be sent with your ticket confirmation. Tickets are priced at $88 per pax and are now available here.

The Spy, The Thug, His Wife and Her Lover will run on various sessions from 6 Aug to 18 Sep. More information here.