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Numerous Pokémon Go Lures & Discounts At RWS

Swiping up all the Pokémon can earn you discounts at RWS too

From 9-14 Aug, Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) will be planting lures and rolling out admission discounts on attractions for trainers in the resort.

The lures will be dropped at various timings throughout the day inside Universal Studios Singapore (USS) and SEA Aquarium, as well as at popular Pokéstops such as Festive Walk, the Lake of Dreams water feature and the Forum at Basement 1. The resort has more than 70 Pokéstops in total for you to collect items and stock up on more Pokéballs.

Admission discounts for attractions

Don’t dally too long with your catch though – with every five Pokémon you spot in an hour at the resort, you can enjoy 10 per cent off admission to S.EA Aquarium and USS. Simply grab screenshots of the Pokémon anywhere on the grounds of RWS (yes, you don’t even have to catch them) and flash them at ticket counters to claim your discount.

To cool off from the hunt, trainers can also redeem a free soft drink with a minimum spending of $5 at selected F&B carts inside the two attractions.

Rare Pokémon sightings

In the last few days, rare Pokémon such as Electabuzz, Electrode, Ponyta, Tentacruel and Magneton have been spotted at resort-wide locations. Water-type Pokémon such as Squirtle, Magikarp, Horsea, Staryu have been sighted within SEA Aquarium and near water bodies.