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7 New Artworks At Trick Eye Museum Singapore For Mind-Blowing Photos

Battle a ferocious dragon powered by augmented reality special effects!

Photos: Weekender

Our favourite optical illusion art museum Trick Eye Museum Singapore has been revamped, adding seven cool new interactive exhibits sure to amaze you. If you have not been to the Trick Eye Museum Singapore in a while, make a date to do so soon! Artists from South Korea (where the Trick Eye Museum originated) came down personally to the Singapore museum to paint many of the new works and touch up the paint of the old works.

In 2017, the museum enhanced their artworks to boast not only 3D, but also augmented reality effects. Download the XR Museum app once you enter the museum (there’s wifi available), stand on the photo point marked on the ground, point your phone at the exhibits that have the AR feature, and prepare yourself for some magic! A snake whipping its head around, a dinosaur breathing fire, snow falling… the AR effects are incredible. As they are moving effects, the AR-integrated exhibits make for great videos. However, the app lowers the quality of the photos and videos, so we actually preferred taking normal photos without the AR effects.

We recently visited the Trick Eye Museum, and here are all seven of the new exhibits, plus our suggestions on how you can pose for awesome photos. Bring your best camera and wow your family and friends with photos that will make them go, “How?!

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1. Peekaboo (NSFW)

We clearly enjoyed this cheeky artwork. It’s the new work that’s located nearest to the entrance, and many visitors either missed it or felt a little shy. Although it’s the only new work that does not come with an AR effect, we think it’s unique and eye-catching enough just like this, right? Get playful with your poses!

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