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Marina Bay Carnival: 5 Tips To Beat The Games And Win More Prizes

Turns out that minion plushie you’ve been eyeing is not that elusive after all

Photo: Prudential Marina Bay Carnival

Skeptical about carnival games ever since that one time you lost that hard-earnt fifty big ones at a carnival from years ago? This time round, for the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival that runs until April 2018, we are arming you with the best tips to beat the games and leave not empty-handed, but as a carnival champion.

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Gameplay:  Three balls will be given to players to knock down some bowling pins. The lesser balls you use to hit them all, the bigger prize you win.

Prizes at stake: Minion plushies

Tip: Aim at the space slightly left or right of the first pin and use considerable force to knock down more than one machiam domino effect.

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