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Jurong Bird Park Celebrates 45th Anniversary In June

Participate in fun and meaningful activities at the Jurong Bird Park this June holidays

By Nicole-Marie Ng; Photos: Courtesy of Wildlife Reserves Singapore

This year marks the 45th anniversary of the Jurong Bird Park. To celebrate, the park has launched “Home Tweet Home”, a campaign to raise awareness about the conservation efforts of Southeast Asian birds that have become critically endangered because of the unethical poaching.

Two of such birds are the Bali Mynah and Black-winged Starling. The Bird Park’s research has shown that while there are about 1000 Bali Mynahs in captivity, less than 100 are still out in the wild. The story is similar for the Black-winged Starling.

To support the conservation of these birds, the “Home Tweet Home” project kickstarted with 30 volunteers painting over 45 nest boxes that will be used in conservation captive breeding programmes, the Begawan Foundation and Cikananga Conservation Breeding Centre.

Here are five other activities that you can take part in at Jurong Bird Park to learn more about the critically endangered bird species in Southeast Asia.


Home Tweet Home docents coming together to hand paint nest boxes for endangered avian species

Young docents painting their nest boxes for conservation captive breeding programmes.

1. Make your own birdhouse

In the month of June, some of the nest boxes painted for “Home Tweet Home” will be on display. Get inspired and for a small donation to the  Wildlife Reserves Singapore Conservation Fund, you can try your hand at painting a miniature version of a nest box on your own. This fund will be used to further the conservation efforts of critically endangered birds.


Black-winged Starling

Jurong Bird Park recently welcomed two Bali Mynah chicks and a Black-winged Starling chick.

2. Embark on a Birthday Baby Trail

Sneak a peek of all the newborn avian chicks of 2016. Visit the Breeding and Research Centre to spot day-old chicks and the Bird Park’s very own “Bird Nannies” hard at work nursing and weaning young birds.


3. High Flyers Show

Catch the Bird Park’s pioneer birds in action, performing a dazzling array of well-trained tricks. The show will delight both the young and old.


Bali Mynah

Jurong Bird Park is currently home to 17 Bali Mynahs and 15 Black-winged Starlings.

4. Visit the new Wings of Asia exhibit

Previously known as the Southeast Asia exhibit, the new Wings of Asia enclosure features new birds from China as well. Almost three-quarters of the display contain birds that are critically endangered, including Bali Mynah and Black-winged Starling among others.


5. Meet and greet

Only at 12.30pm and 2.30pm, say hi to Jurong Bird Park’s mascots, the red cardinal, blue macaw and eagle before you explore what else the park has to offer.


Jurong Bird Park. 2 Jurong Hill, 628925.