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5 Things To Do During Chinese Culture Week

Find out more about the rich culture behind Chinese art and tradition

By Natasha Tan and Nicole-Marie Ng; Images: Courtesy of Chinese Culture Festival

Organised by Camellia Culture & Business Centre in partnership with the China Culture Centre and DesignSingapore Council, Chinese Culture Week aims to foster intercultural exchange while building international industry relationships .

The new ‘business meets culture’ platform will run from September 9 to 13 September 2016. These are some of the exciting activities they have in store.


1. Oriental fashion exhibition

“Fashion Tales from the Orient” is a qipao themed exhibition featuring the creations of top designers from Singapore and China including top Chinese designer Lan Yu alongside Singapore brands Kevin Seah, Chi Chi Von Tang, Something Old Something New and Time Taken To Make A Dress.

Venue: National Design Center  (111 Middle Road Singapore 188969)

Dates: 10-28 September

2. Qipao masterclass

Hosted and coached by a Qipao master, this free workshop provides design students in Singapore with an overview of the basic knowledge of Qipao creations and the defining factors of creating a well-fitted Qipao.

Venue: Camellia Culture & Business Centre (390A Havelock Road Singapore 169664)
Date: 10 Sep Saturday 10:00-12:00

Fan Zhou Profile

3. Fan Zhou’s calligraphy works

Master calligraphist, Fan Zhou, will proudly present his first solo calligraphy exhibition in Singapore.

Venue: Camellia Culture & Business Centre

Dates: 11-17 September

4. ‘Silk Road Journey’ photography exhibition

Featuring the work of award-winning National Geographic Magazine photographer Michael Yamashita, this photography exhibition, ‘Silk Road Journey’ pays tribute to legendary explorers Zheng He and Marco Polo by retracing their journeys through the ancient trade routes.

Venue: China Cultural Center

Date: 14-28 Sep


Chinese Culture Week will run from 9 to 13 September at various locations. Visit www.chinesecultureweek.com for more information.