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Solve Puzzles, Escape From Clowns In This Maze

Cathay will transform into an escape room-style horror maze, where you must retrieve items to win


Want to spend your Halloween getting terrified out of your wits? The Cathay and Cathay Cineleisure at Orchard will be holding spooky mazes with an exciting twist.

You will find yourself in a giant maze of horrors, but it’s no ordinary trail. You must keep your wits and senses about you, because in order to escape, you must complete tasks to advance. Oh, and psychotic clowns will be chasing you to impede your success.

Called Cirque the Cathay, the mazes at the two malls will be clown-themed, inspired by Stephen King’s iconic Pennywise the Clown from his horror classic “It”. There will be different tasks to choose from that, if you complete, will earn you different prizes, such as Cathay Cineplexes movie and escape room vouchers.

The Cathay will host one set of themed challenges from 20-23 Oct, while Cathay Cineleisure will have another theme from 27-30 Oct.

To enter the maze, simply present a receipt of a minimum of $5 spending at The Cathay or Cathay Cineleisure (Cathay Cineplexes movie stubs are accepted too) on any event day.

If you’re heading down, please note these warnings from the event organiser:

  • Do not move or remove any props
  • Do not run inside or around the premise
  • Respect the scare talents, do not touch or abuse them
  • Do not enter if you’re pregnant, have claustrophobia, prone to seizures, heart or respiratory problems or any other medical condition that may be triggered or worsened by stressful conditions.
  • You will experience intense audio and lighting, extreme low visibility, strobe lights and fog, and may experience wet or damp conditions and physically demanding environments.
  • Cirque the Cathay reserves the right to refuse admission to or remove anyone who does not abide to the above rules.

The Cathay Hipster Halloween will run from 20-23 Oct, while Cathay Cineleisure’s Concert of Horrors will run from 27-30 Oct.