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You Can Now Decide Monopoly’s Next Generation Of Tokens

The Monopoly Token Madness Vote lets you pick eight tokens out of more than 50

Photos: Monopoly

Ask anybody who’s played Monopoly and they’re bound to have favourites when it comes to picking a game token of their choice.

Some swear by the adorable Scottie Dog to keep them lucky in the game, while others make a beeline for the classic Top Hat token — a favourite among my friends.

In fact, early players will remember that the Racecar, Thimble, Shoe, Top Hat and Battleship were among the original set of tokens, while the Scottie Dog and Wheelbarrow were added in the early 1950s.

Vote for your favourites

Much to our delight, the game makers are finally letting us vote for the eight tokens that we’d like to see in the next generation of Monopoly.

From now till end Jan 2017, fans worldwide can visit www.votemonopoly.com to decide the fate of eight current tokens, including the Scottie Dog, Top Hat, Race Car and Cat.

The interactive site lets you toggle between various rooms to pick from more than 50 contenders including current tokens and new options such as Penguin, Rubber Ducky and Bunny Slipper.

These fan-picked tokens will be updated in the Monopoly game hitting shelves this August.

Hasbro will also introduce the Monopoly Token Madness Edition ($59.90), which includes the current eight tokens, plus eight golden coloured tokens included in the vote.