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8 Hidden Gems In Singapore Only Locals Know About

From a market where everything is free to a hidden Japanese war shrine

Singapore may be a little red dot, but we’ve got a rich heritage and a big knack for creative twists on popular activities.

The next time you’re scratching your head for things to do in Singapore, check out these eight lesser-known attractions hiding around our sunny island. Who knows, you may just uncover another gem nobody else knows about.

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Photo: Samantha Francis for Weekender

1. Dakota Crescent

One of the areas in Singapore you must visit before it vanishes, Dakota Crescent is a little neighbourhood built in the 1950s where the kampong spirit is strong.

Located off Old Airport Road, this cluster of low-rise flats is one of Singapore’s oldest public estates, and has not been revamped since its construction. It still sports old metal grilles and concrete latticed walls, and is fronted by a vintage playground in the shape of a dove.

Dakota Crescent is scheduled for redevelopment by the end of 2016, so take a walk here before it disappears.

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