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5 Games You Should Totally Play At Kult Gallery’s Latest Interactive Exhibition

Learn about current affairs… by playing games

How familiar are you with serious global issues like war, migration, and homosexuality? Is one of your new year resolution to be more aware of the marginalised community, and to be more aware of the world and its affairs in general? Why not start by playing games?

From now till 1 2 February, a new interactive exhibition presented by Kult Gallery and the Geothe-Institut will address hot-button topics through an unlikely medium — digital computer games. Titled Games and Politics, the free exhibit features 18 video games spanning topics from migration and gender to surveillance and democracy. Through the computer games and simulations, audiences can insights into the characters from the often-marginalised segments of society.

Here are some of our favourite games at the exhibition:

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1. Killbox, Joseph DeLappe with Malath Abbas, Tom deMajo and Albert Elwin of Biome Collective, 2016

Explore the nature of drone warfare, its complexities, and consequences. This political anti-war game explores the use of technology to transform and extend political and military power, and the abstraction of killing from behind a computer screen.

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