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10 Secret Tricks To Use At The Pokemon Exhibition

This game of “Who’s That Pokemon?” isn’t as easy as it sounds – we try it and tell you how to ace it

Photos: Pamela Chow

Entering the Pokemon Research Exhibition, one is met with their first decision: Pokeball, Great Ball or Ultra Ball? The Pokeball is the easiest course, while the Ultra Ball presents the “Extra Difficult” course.

At this exhibition, which opens at SEA Aquarium on 22 Oct, you’ll have to gather research clues, from height to footprint, to determine the identity of the Pokemon in the device you choose. It sounds simple, but it’s actually hard – especially if you pick the Ultra Ball.

Here are 10 tricks and things to note when you take the challenge for yourself.

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1. You can only use up to four observation machines per course

There are a total of eight stations that reveal different data about the Pokemon inside your device, from height to its outline. However, you’re only allowed to use four of these stations for each course you embark on. So choose wisely which stations to spend time on.

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