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10 Places To Adopt A Furry Companion Other Than SPCA

Give these animals a second chance at life

With some Instagram handles dedicated solely to dogs, cats and even the exotic animals, it is only natural for one's yearning of having a furry family member be increased by tenfold. And if you ever decid to make this big step of welcoming a pet into your life, take the time to consider that purchasing one isn't your only option. Why not adopt? For starters, look to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Singapore, where it takes in about 200 strays and abandoned every month. If there's no luck there, here are 10 other animal welfare organisations filled with sweet and adorable furry critters, all needing of a forever home.

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Photo: Bunny Wonderland Facebook

6. Bunny Wonderland SG

Co-founder of Bunny Wonderland SG, Jackie was once an ‘impulsed’ owner and ‘accidental’ breeder when the initial group of four bunnies gave her a family of 24 rabbits after just a couple of months. Fast forward a decade later, she and her partner Ms Lynne Tan, an animal rescuer has gone on to help re-homed over 300 rabbits. Each year, the privately run bunny shelter rescues about 100 rabbits and spends a great portion of donations on supplies and medical care, including sterilisation. Even though Bunny Wonderland SG isn’t a registered organisation, both Jackie and Lynne hope through word of mouth, more people will come to know of their cause and become advocates for responsible pet ownership and discourage the unethical operations of the pet industry.


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