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10 Local Brands That Placed Singapore In The Global Spotlight

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Despite our well-acclaimed (sometimes rigid) education system and world-renowned Changi Airport, Singapore may not necessarily excel when it comes to producing quality brands that perform on the world stage. However, with National Day just around the corner, we did some probing and found some local household names that have gone on to do bigger things beyond this island-state. These brands have muscled their way through the bigger players within their industry to build a name for themselves and simultaneously put Singapore on the world map.

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9. Prima Taste 

As Singaporeans, we take our food very seriously and so it is unsurprising to feature another home-grown food related global brand. No, Prima Taste is not a global restaurant chain. Rather, the birth of the company came from the desire to recreate authentic Singapore dishes anywhere, at any given time without having to make a mess in the kitchen. Founder Primus Cheng was afraid that the disappearance of hawkers over the years would lead to the loss of local traditional Singapore dishes. Not only did Prima strive to achieve the flavours of our cuisine, they even had custom-made food preparation appliances to capture the unique essence of “Wok Hei” (the charred taste one gets in Asian stir-fried meals). Beyond the signature Chilli Crab and Hainanese Chicken Rice paste that helped Prima grew into a household name, they have gone on to bring out cooking kits for Laksa Nonya Curry and many others. Now available in more than 40 countries worldwide, Singaporeans who are going away for an extended period of time need not worry of not getting their local food fixes especially when sauces and mixes are all contained within a box!

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