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10 Local Brands That Placed Singapore In The Global Spotlight

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Despite our well-acclaimed (sometimes rigid) education system and world-renowned Changi Airport, Singapore may not necessarily excel when it comes to producing quality brands that perform on the world stage. However, with National Day just around the corner, we did some probing and found some local household names that have gone on to do bigger things beyond this island-state. These brands have muscled their way through the bigger players within their industry to build a name for themselves and simultaneously put Singapore on the world map.

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Photo: Banyan Tree Resorts

10. Banyan Tree

Founded by the husband and wife team of Ho Kwon Ping and Claire Chiang, the couple came across a plot of land while holidaying in Bang Tao Bay, Phuket in the Andaman Sea. The duo who figured it would make an ideal location for a resort, purchased the land only to find out that the land was too toxic to support any vegetation or developments. In the end, they went on to plant 7000 trees to regenerate and restore the area before constructing the first Banyan Tree Resort in 1994. 24 years later, the company now boasts 40 resorts and hotels, 60 spas, 70 retail galleries across 28 locations being seen as an international hospitality brand that provides guests with luxurious stays.

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