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Your Definitive Guide To 12 Ann Siang — A New Multi-Concept Destination

Indulge in grilled meats on the ground floor, head upstairs for a movie, or sneak into the basement for some naughty cocktails

Photos: 12 Ann Siang

Famed for its bustling nightlife, Ann Siang Hill is now home to brand new enclave, 12 Ann Siang.

Spanning five storeys, the F&B destination also welcomes two new additions, in addition to its much-loved rooftop bar and cinema room.

Here's what you can get up to at 12 Ann Siang Hill.

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2. Watch a movie

On the fourth floor, you’ll find The Screening Room, which offers an ever-changing repertoire of new film noir and art house screenings.

The boutique cinema provides an intimate viewing experience — it feels just like you’re chilling out at somebody’s posh living room.

Film buffs can expect to check out old favourites like Donnie Darko, Fight Club, and Forrest Gump, which are among the many movies on the roster.

If you’ve been spending too much money on movies, you’ll be glad to hear that they also have a membership programme in the works.

The Screening Room is also available for hire if you’re looking to host a private screening.

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