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#ThirstyThursday: You Can Have A Grown Up Tea Party At Fat Prince

Alchohol is, of course, involved

High tea usually depicts an opulent setting (think five-star hotels drenched with sunlight) of wealthy tai tais seated at white linen-covered tables, where they incessantly cluck away about what Sandra wore at last Sunday’s charity event, pausing only to shove itsy-bitsy sweets and savouries into their wrinkly mouths from gleaming multi-tiered tea sets.

That’s 3 pm for them. And then, there’s 3 pm for those who would gratefully trade dainty morsels for a potent pick-me-up at Tanjong Pagar’s Fat Prince.

Exuding a regal type of posh, the Turkish restaurant-bar is dressed in wood and earth tones, punctuated by the gleams of gold and blue. With solid wooden rafters and beautiful bulbous lamps hanging from high ceilings, the swanky watering hole gives you a feel of Karaköy, a charming neighbourhood in Turkey’s with more Ottoman design details, further elevated when boozed up on its refreshed Middle-Eastern-inspired cocktail menu.

As you may have already guessed, teatime is a naughty affair at Fat Prince.

Prima Donna ($50)

Contained in the guise of an elegant teapot, the Prima Donna ($50) is the establishment’s newest large format drink, good to share with friends with a slice of gossip. The low ABV cocktail is laced with a dangerous mix of green chartreuse, hazelnut liquer, gin and chardonnay before flavoured with rosehip essence and cranberry bitters. The result is a tangy concoction that sports a gorgeous millennial pink. To go with its teapot vessel, the Prima Donna is poured into matching ceramic teacups which we suggest to drink with the pinky free.

Beirut Negroni ($21)

If teatime is just for one, we highly recommend knocking back with the signature Beirut Negroni ($21). The cocktail is, for the lack of a better word, delicious. Aside from the usual Negroni suspects of sweet vermouth and campari, one may hazard a guess that it is the pink peppercorn-infused gin that makes the cocktail stand out from the pack with its piquant peppery kick. Its garnish is an orange peel, crinkle cut. We give an A for presentation.

Karakoy Nightcap ($20)

And then there’s the Karakoy Nightcap ($20) – a rather unusual cocktail that may not tickle everyone’s fancy. The Middle East is captured in this potent concoction, thanks to the use of Raki (pronounced ra-ka) – a commonly-used spirit in Turkic country. Its taste profile is that of the star anise that leaves you with a refreshing, medicinal aftertaste. The cocktail itself reflects the Raki, made more lethal with splashes of tequila, maraschino liqueur and sweet vermouth. The Karakoy Nightcap requires an acquired taste. Unless you’re Middle Eastern, then you’ll definitely lap up its liquid gold.

Address: 48 Peck Seah Street, Singapore 079317
Contact No.: 6221 3683
Website: www.fatprincesg.com